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Itta Roussos aka Ravi Kaur in garden

Our Ambassadors

Itta Roussous

Itta’s experience as a healer has brought people from all over the globe to her to heal their physical, mental and spiritual illnesses. She uses her extensive knowledge of the psychology of illness combined with a deep intuitive sense to guide the flow of life’s force back into balance. Itta has an intimate understanding of energy through her personal practice and gifts this understanding through her teachings.

IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapist
ICF Accredited ORSC Coach
African Constellations Family Constellations Facilitator

Yogi Bhajan

“Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1968. He taught over 8,000 classes and inspired thousands of people to keep up and live in their excellence.

He is still alive in his teachings and his guidance is available to anyone who tunes into his subtle presence. He has left a legacy of hope, inspiration, and technology for future generations and the upliftment of humanity.

On the pages below you will find many of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings presented in his priceless class lectures, poems, and elevating quotations, along with inspiring personal stories students have written that convey some of his teachings at work in real life, and give us a glimpse into what it was like to be his student when he was with us on the physical plane.” – 3HO Foundation

Yogi Bhajan interacting with white cat sitting on his shoulder

Our Donors

Yogi Tea

Private donors: Kirsten Koetsier, Andrea Band, Gabrielle Le Roux

Teacher sponsors: Ravi Kaur, Siri Shakti, Mahan Jot


  • Campaigns 80% 80%
  • Research & Development 15% 15%
  • Management 5% 5%
  • Organization Growth 0% 0%


Guru Ram das & Sat Nam Kids

We have collaborated with 2 specialist trainer teams from the Guru Ram Das Project in the UK in order to train teachers how to teach people with an HIV+ diagnosis.

We teamed up with Sat Nam Kids from Germany and Austria to collaborate with us and train our teachers to teach children’s yoga.

City Of Joburg & JDA

We are in partnership with Johannesburg City Parks and Zoos, and Johannesburg Development Agency. These are two local city council organisations responsible for creating safe spaces for the development of inner city youth.

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