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We build awareness of social inequalities and injustices and bring this into a spiritual practice.


We inspire transformation by providing access to African Kundalini yoga teacher training in underprivileged communities


We encourage spiritual growth through yoga, meditation and community service


We nurture a new generation of young leaders through teacher training programs in all communities in Southern Africa

What is African Kundalini Yoga?

African Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training of Southern Africa (AKYTTSA) is a yoga teacher training school that uses Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Hatha Yoga principles and practices, and the African principle of Ubuntu – building community by recognising the humanity in everyone as a reflection of one’s own divinity. African Kundalini Yoga is an inspiring mix of spiritual, mental and physical practices that  draws on Indian knowledge systems and the deep wisdoms belonging to African spirituality. It combines movement, repetition of mantras, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, earth rituals and ceremonies, and ancestor work. The aim is to strengthen all the physical systems of the body, build control over the mind in order to break unwanted habits, and create powerful self-control within the acknowledgement of the interleaving systems of our existence. 

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9:20am – 11:00am CAT

Online classes available

Open Kundalini Yoga Classes

These classes are great for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. They are for people of all cultural backgrounds, body types and ages. Remember yoga is a personal practice and you go at your own pace.  More Details

Nature does not work on the worship way.

I’ve been learning about self love, for the last years.
I have divorced myself from people, part of my cultures believes, names, religions, society believes and expectations from all. Focus on me!

I’m still bound to people and things of this world, that makes my soul,mind and body come together for a new possibility.

looking at who i am, made me realize how much i’m not in love with myself, my authentic self sucks, I’m ignorant and that i am a bad God.

I’m still in the learning process and so far, boundaries;
Humility to the universe or god;
Desire for easy death and eternity with god are the best way for me to practice self love at moment.

Join me bring your light on from the confort of your own house.

I am not your teacher,
I am not your leader,
I will be for 45 minutes, like a bowl of food, holding the space and sharing the wonderful meal which is this beautiful kriya called *Creating self love (Reverse Adi Shakti kriya).*

If you would like more information about the class please write me WhatsApp +25882-528-5614 Cristiano Meli.

Satnam Beautiful people please feel free to join this Saturday at 9:30am as we transform the lower triangle to the higher triangle...
If the energy in the lower triangle of chakras is not balanced and allowed to transform to higher energy frequencies, one becomes a slave to the base urges of hunger, thirst and sexuality, following the whim of the body. This creates great difficulty with any form of discipline. The potency of that person will be sporadic. This set stimulates the energy of the lower triangle: rectum, sex organs, Navel Point, and transforms their energy into the higher brain structures: Pituitary, Pineal, and Memory glands. The relaxation between exercises is short all breathing should be done with enthusiasm. Exercises 1 and 6 conquer the rule of hunger, thirst, and poor digestion. Exercises 2 and 3 release energy to the brain which is known as Adha Shakti Chalnee Kriya. It gives clarity of thought and reduces the chances of Sciatica  Exercise 4 is for potency and exercise 5 provides you with the necessary sensitivity to access the truth in any situation. It creates an alliance between your mind and soul so that your mind doesn't bow before your  ego. It gives you radiant power. In exercise 6 you will sweat. Any pain that occurs is a result of excessive sexual activity or activity with the wrong frame of mind and tension. Exercise 7 is for the upper centers of the head. Exercise 8 is for the Navel Point energy release. Exercise 9 opens the digestion and elimination of the intestines. Exercises 10 through 15 adjust the Navel Point and balances the aura, distributing energy smoothly. After this doing kriya one will automatically be in a meditative state of mind  DM for the zoom link, all are encouraged and invited to attend funds for this particular class will go towards attaining the international accreditation of Kundalini Africa Rising as an institution, which aims to uplift and empower aspiring teachers of colour and has done so now for a number of years
Donation details as follows :

Standard Bank
Acc# 200420127
Branch Code 018505
Acc Name M Roussos

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Join us online this Saturday, 9.30am (SA time) for a class to find our centre ☀️☀️🌱🌱🏵️🏵️

Please join a few mins early for set up. Class link to follow. (different link to usual)

Donation based to train teachers of colour
SA: standard bank #30049149, branch 018505

Sat Nam!
Join Louise on Saturday for a Kriya for Disease Resistance.
To avoid persistent colds and illness, it is essential to keep digestion and elimination functioning well. Add to this a strong metabolic balance and you will have heartiness.
This Kriya helps develop these capacities. It gives physical strength and builds disease resistance.

Satnam dear ones🙏please join me this Saturday 9th April at 9.30am for a donation based OKYC class. We will practice the Sobagh Kriya to enhance prosperity, wealth and abundance😇with love and light Alison🍀 ...

Sat Nam family!
Please join me tomorrow morning for a kriya to release fear 🤍

Time: Apr 2, 2022 09:30 AM Johannesburg

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Satnam Beautiful People feel free to join Minal Patel this coming Saturday for a Kriya set to elevate and tune up the relevant bodies...It systematically exercises the spine and aids in circulation of prana to balance the chakras #KundaliniAfricaRising #OKYC #prana ...

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