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We build awareness of social inequalities and injustices and bring this into a spiritual practice.


We inspire transformation by providing access to African Kundalini yoga teacher training in underprivileged communities


We encourage spiritual growth through yoga, meditation and community service


We nurture a new generation of young leaders through teacher training programs in all communities in Southern Africa

What is African Kundalini Yoga?

African Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training of Southern Africa (AKYTTSA) is a yoga teacher training school that uses Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Hatha Yoga principles and practices, and the African principle of Ubuntu – building community by recognising the humanity in everyone as a reflection of one’s own divinity. African Kundalini Yoga is an inspiring mix of spiritual, mental and physical practices that  draws on Indian knowledge systems and the deep wisdoms belonging to African spirituality. It combines movement, repetition of mantras, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, earth rituals and ceremonies, and ancestor work. The aim is to strengthen all the physical systems of the body, build control over the mind in order to break unwanted habits, and create powerful self-control within the acknowledgement of the interleaving systems of our existence. 

Upcoming Events


9:20am – 11:00am CAT

Online classes available

Open Kundalini Yoga Classes

These classes are great for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. They are for people of all cultural backgrounds, body types and ages. Remember yoga is a personal practice and you go at your own pace.  More Details

When our minds are busy creating blocks for us and our bodies, leaning into our practice helps 💙💜💛
Join Leisl online this Saturday, 9.30am for a class to find ourselves and create inner space. ☀️☀️🌱🌱

Please join 5 mins early for set up.

Donation based to train teachers of colour
SA: standard bank #30049149, branch 018505

Join me @blackyogi_from_jozi online this Saturday, 9.30am Kundalini Class.
Kriya - Reaching to your Mental Richness and Spiritual Strength 🌱🌱🌱

We have all seen some kind of pain, loss, or some sort of set back during this pandemic.
Dark times that have us seeking the light.
Our spirituality can hold space for us if we can give it a chance.
Let's regroup, build our strength for what we don't fully understand.
The stronger we are mentally and spiritually, the stronger we will be to handle whatever comes our way. 🙏🏽🌱

Please join 5 mins early for set up.

Donation based to train teachers of colour
SA: standard bank #30049149, branch 018505

Feel free to join @soldiers_ofpeace this Saturday at 9:30am where we will explore a Kriya that allows us to access the strength within ourselves... For our own security we tend to reach outward to things of a physical nature or inward drawing and pulling on negative emotions and feelings. When instead we tap on to the deep strength of our soul, we're then able to achieve joy and true fulfillment. All are welcomed and encouraged to join, these are donation based online classes where all funds go toward training aspiring Kundalini yoga teachers DM for Zoom link #MindBodySpirit #OKYC #KundaliniYoga #Satnam ...

There is space for your pace 💙💜💛
Join Leisl online this Saturday, 9.30am for a class to breath, bend and find balance. ☀️☀️🌱🌱

Please join 5 mins early for set up.

Donation based to train teachers of colour
SA: standard bank #30049149, branch 018505

Join @sisi_yumna this Saturday for a class focusing on flying, moving and breathing with the tattvas, balancing the mind, heart and spirit.
This is a donations based class, where the funds are used for training future aspiring Kundalini yoga teachers. All are welcome and encouraged to attend regardless of prior experience.Please DM @sisi_yumna for link & banking details.

Join @mo_kara_realnetrandburg this Saturday for an online Donation based Open Kundalini Yoga Class designed to strengthen the nervous system so you can handle the pressure and stress of life calmly and creatively. This KRIYA will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed providing it's user with a full tune-up of the nervous system. A strong nervous system is essential to withstand the pressure of stress and life as such all are welcomed and encouraged to attend.All funds go towards training future aspiring Kundalini yoga teachers. Please DM him for the zoom link #Satnam #OKYC #MindBodySpirit 🙏 ...

Join @ute.s_art this Saturday,9.25 am for a Kundalini yoga class
: *Remove Body Blocks*
What happens within us and around us manifest in our bodies.
This kriya wakes up the heart and circulation, the legs, and stretches through the whole body to lightly reach within our physical systems for deep healing.
This is a class for all levels, accessed from the comfort of your own mat & is donation based.
Please DM her for logins & more class details.

Join @alexia.cocolas this Saturday at 9.30 am for a Kundalini yoga class.

We will be focusing on Heart consciousness, as a way of transforming what’s happening both within and without.

“A broken heart is an open heart”.

Pls comment or DM her for the Zoom link.

Classes are Donation Based:

International Donation Link:

Bank Details: Standard Bank #30049149, branch 018505

All Donations go towards Sponsoring Students of Colour to Become Qualified #KundaliniYoga Teachers through the Community-Minded and Progressive Yoga School, Akkyttsa which is a part of #KundaliniAfricaRising

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